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Title: "Prânâyâma-The Science of Breath-Theory and Guidelines for Practice"

Author: Gharote M. L.

The book presents theoretical as well as practical information based on traditional texts. It describes concepts of prana and pranayama, historical perspective and evolution, rationale, interrelationship with other Yogic practices, classification, varieties and effects, along with selected bibliography.

Title: "Swami Kuvalayananda - A Pioneer of Scientific Yoga and Physical Education"

Author: Dr. Gharote M. L. & Gharote M. M.

This is the first book on the life and contributions of Swami Kuvalayananda in the fields of scientific, literary and therapeutic research in Yoga, Yoga Education and Yogic Therapy. His unique contributions made him a pioneer in the field of scientific Yoga and Indian Physical Education.

Title: "Siddha-siddhantapaddhati of Goraksanatha"

Author: Dr. Gharote M.L., Dr. G.K. Pai

The book explain the different Layers of the phenomenal creation and the yogic understanding of the human body. It narrates interrelation of microcosm and macrocosm the substrtum of the body and the method of union of microcosm and macrocosm.It further outlines the characteristics of an avadhutayogi. Special feature of this book lies with its emphatic statement regarding the futility of all the yogic techniques if undertaken in a mechanicle manner.

Title: "Yuktabhavadeva of Bhavadeva Mishra (Original Sanskrit Text, English Summary and Critical Appraisal)"

Author: Dr. Gharote M.L. and V. K. Jha (Ed.)

It is a treatise on Yoga belonging to 17th century, which has been critically edited for the first time. It co-ordinates different conflicting views on Yoga and presents synthesis of various trends in different traditions. It contains elaborate chapters on the body and its different systems including 107 Marmas. It has a special chapter on rejuvenation treatment.

Title: "An Introduction to Yuktabhavadeva of Bhavadeva Mishra (English Summary and Critical Appraisal)"

Author: Dr. Gharote M.L. and V. K. Jha

This is a 400 years old treatise on Yoga by Bhavadeva Mishra, which contains exhaustive compilation of Yogic principles and practices. This text, though devoid of original Sanskrit text gives all important information of the test in English language. It is a synthesis of various trends in different Yogic traditions.

Title: "Critical edition of selected Yogopanisads"

Author: Dr. P. Devnath, V. K. Jha and Dr. Gharote M.M.

Title: "Critical edition of selected Yogopanisads 2"

Author: Dr. P. Devnath, V. K. Jha and Dr. Gharote M.M.

Title: "Therapeutic References in Traditional Yoga Texts"

Author: Dr. P. Devnath, V. K. Jha and Dr. Gharote M.M.

Title: "Amanaskayogah"

Author: Dr. P. Devnath, V. K. Jha and Dr. Gharote M.M.

Title: "Encyclopaedia of Traditional Asanas""

Author: Dr. Gharote M.L., Dr. V.K. Jha, Dr. Parimal Devnath& Dr. S.B. Sakhalkar

Approximately 900 titels of Asanas, a good number of which are so far unheard of.1100 echniques and illustration of asanas. 200 uthoritative and valid source most of which are unpublished Manus-cript. Thousand of references. Hundred of crossreference to ascer-tain validity, to check omparison and distinction, to eastablish relationship, for grouping and classifications and also to find out syno-nyms. 100 application of Padmasana. 60 Application of Shirshasan (inversion). An xhaustive Introduction. An Appendix of various illus-tration from different cultures adding additional information, charm and colorfulness of the ancient tradition.

Title: "Hathapradîpikâ (10 chapters) with the Yogaprakasika commentary by Balakrshna"

Author: Gharote M. L. & Parimal Devnath (Ed.)

Hathapradipika of Svatmarama which has exerted a great influence on the practical student and scholars of Yoga was available only in four chapters until now. It is for the first time that Hathapradipika containing ten chapters is being published along with the Commentary Yogaprakasika by Balakrsna. It contains additional information on the Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi, Kalajnana and Videhamukti. There is a description of sadangayoga along the lines of Goraksa.

Title: "Kumbhaka Paddhati of Raghuvira or Science of Prânâyâma"

Author: Gharote M. L. and Parimal Devnath (Ed.)

It is the only text dealing exclusively on the topic of Pranayama. The text describes more than 50 Kumbhakas, many of which are not commonly known. The author praises Meru Kumbhaka of which he describes 47 stages. These stages are a continuum of experiences the Yogi passes through as a result of continuous practice of Kumbhakas. These are not described in the available texts. The text has the foreword by B.K.S. Iyengar.

Title: "Hathatatvakaumudî (A Treatise on Hathayoga by SUNDARADEVA"

CHIEF EDITOR: Dr. Gharote M.L.

Editors : Dr. Parimal Devnath, Dr. Vijaykant Jha

The text of 'Hathatatvakaumudi is a vast compendium on Hatha system of Yoga practice and philosophy critically edited and published for the first time. The text is authored by Sundaradeva. This work of Sundaradeva poses as extensive and impressive as that of an encyclopedia. Almost all the topics of Hatha Yoga like Asana, Pranayama upto Nadanusandhana in addition to concept of Chayapurusa etc. are described in the minutest of details. There are several unique practices such as Carana, Utkranti Pranayama, several varieties of Nadisuddhi and the like which are in aid to standard Hatha practices some of these are described for the first time in this text. However, one of the many noteworthy contributions of the author of this book lies in his successful effort in presenting a synthetic view of both principle and practice of two seemingly diverse systems of Yoga - Hatha and Patanjala and also various traditions of Yoga such as Bhakti, Laya, Nada, Sparsa etc. We have not as yet come across such an effort made in any other published Yogic literature.

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